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We are a group of professionals in the oil&gas industry with rich experience.


Dr. Hong Mei CEO  of AE&E 7G Inc. holds a Ph.D. in petroleum geology from University of Petroleum, a Master of Science in petrophysics and geophysical data evaluation from Yangtz University and a Bachelor of Science in geology and earth science. Committed to her continued education and professional development, Dr. Hong Mei is an active member of a number of industry organizations, including SPWLA, the Society of Petroleum Engineers, COPA, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Vice President of AE&E, has been recognized by Elite Women Worldwide for her achievements, dedication and leadership in the oil and energy field in April 2016. As an expert in petrophysics, Dr. Hong Mei has committed two decades to the integration of multi-disciplinary information in geology, geophysics and geochemistry. In her role with Advanced Energy & Environment Technology, she works to improve the accuracy and reliability of prospect identification and hydrocarbon detection in complex geological settings. She demonstrates astute knowledge of exploration efficiency and has led teams in drilling new wells to provide interpretation of the elements contained within. Dr. Mei also works on geoscience application projects as they pertain to clastic reservoirs and unconventional carbonate reservoirs.  In recognition of her professional excellence, Dr. Mei was named Top Female Professional this year by Worldwide Branding. She has also been the recipient of APARO Drilling Operational Evaluation’s excellence award and chevron reward, as well as awards granted by the Shell Oil Company for her work in petrophysical evaluation workflow. Successful because of her incredibly unwavering passion for her work, Dr. Mei intends to continue contributing to the oil industry in the years ahead. She gives her thanks to God for giving her faith and love for her profession and world peace, as well as instilling in her honesty and kindness to people.

You can learn more about Dr. Mei and Advanced Energy & Environmental Technology by visiting:



Prof. Bowen Mei is the Chief Geoscientist, co-founder in the company, who specialized in Geochemistry. He served as Deputy Director of Geochemistry lab and Director of the Center, CNPC Deputy Director of academic Committee of the key laboratory for petroleum geochemistry in 1986-1998 . Established a base geochemistry of Tarim oilfield for Jianghan Petroleum Institute (Yangtz University). During "85" and "95 year" period, he won provincial science and technology progress second prize 2, published more than 50 papers, which publishes 5 specialized translation. Undertook several national technology research project and 3 international cooperation project (China-Austria  1988--1990, and China- British 1993--1998, and China-Canada 1996--1999), introduced and established Technology including nitrogen compounds separation, and alkyl phenol separation and the color spectrum fingerprint technology and method.

Dr. Hai Mei is the Vice President of the company. He got a Ph.D in bio-chemistry and double E from University of South California, USA. He has worked on many projects in different regions of the world, including North America, China, East Asia and Middle East. He has the honor to hold the patent in "4G Integrated Exploration" technology and has multiple rewards to help clients in petroleum industry to achieve oil & gas discoveries and optimize the risk of drilling on exploration and development wells. Dr. Hai Mei (Harry) and his team have worked diligently on over 100 projects onshore and offshore internationally including conventional reservoir, shallow water, deep water and unconventional tight gas, shale gas and tight oil reservoirs. The key technology can be applied in pre-license bidding, exploration, frontier study, field development and so on.



Dr. Song Cao is the business advisor of the company, who helds PHD in Basin Modelling from South Carolina University. Dr. Cao has over 30 years of professional experiences in petroleum exploration and production (E&P) business. With a Ph. D in geology from University of South Carolina, USA, Dr. Cao has worked on many E&P projects in different regions of the world, including China, North America, Central Asia, Africa, and Middle East. Dr. Cao has been active in E&P acquisition and divestiture, E&P technical and management advisory services, oilfield equipment supply, oilfield services, and project financing. In the past 15 years, Dr. Cao and his team have screened and evaluated over 300 worldwide E&P projects (prospects, fields, and blocks). With increasing demand of Chinese investors, Dr. Cao and his team are now primarily focused on the oilfield asset acquisition and management in USA for their Chinese investors.










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