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Green, environmental protected, phosphate free, multifunctional corrosion inhibitor


Natural polymer, cyclic structure, with the "external cavity hydrophilic, hydrophobic characteristics of cavity", and lateral active groups with the high valence metal ion chelation, the natural cyclic polymer itself owns certain properties of corrosion inhibition.


Non toxic, low price, stable performance, wide raw material sources, not easily corroded, easy biodegradation in the environment.



Mainly in industrial circulating cooling water, deicing agent against corrosion on the metal surface, oilfield water injection against hydrogen sulfide corrosion.

For industrial circulating cooling water, including,


Petrochemical companies, oil and thermal power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, oil refineries, fertilizer plants (ammonia plant), large chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants (pesticide plant), nuclear power plants, chemical plants alcohols (methanol, ethanol, etc.)



  • Excellent cor​rosion performance for carbon steel, WPH-01 can be used to replace BTA, for better protection of copper and copper alloy.

  • Better scale inhibition perfor​mance.

  • Phosphorus free, and no deposition of calcium phosphate. This ma​kes scale inhibition processing controlling simple and easy.

  • WPH-01 can be used together with common corrosion inhibitor compound, in order to enhance synergies and reduce the concentration of the ​used reagents. It can also be used for system Phosphorus free coating.

  • WPH-01 can be used for speci​al water quality treatment (such as: groundwater, seawater).

  • WPH-01 can replace sodium nitrite used for corrosion of a closed sy​stem

  • Phosphorus free can reduce significantly the propagation of microorganisms, which allow to reduce 50% of the biocide treatment costs. (Particula​rly suitable for the production of methanol, ethanol and other high water organics, not only for corrosion and scale inhibitors, but also for reduction of the biocide treatment burden).

  • Safe environmental protection. No pollutant discharge in circulating wate​r , WPH-01 can strictly conform to the national discharge standard.​

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