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Advanced Energy & Environmental Company 7G Inc. is a company featured as the integration technical methods of Geomicrobial, Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry, Petrophysics and Petroleum Engineering. We are based in US, brother branch of  AE&E Inc. in China. For now, we have accomplished over 100 projects of clients with successful result and discovery wells with high RIR worldwide.  Sponsored several D&I events in Houston. In the past ten years of exploration and practice,  the exploration concept proposed by AE&E : "4G exploration, drilling less wells, better wells" has been gradually accepted by our customers. At low oil prices, global oil and gas industry calls for innovation technology to realize the goal of decreasing cost and increasing efficiency. Believing our company can add value to your exploration screening and assist you more success with our innovative, honesty and dedicated efforts. We have strong leadership including Geoscience, Geochemistry, Geomicrobial, Geophysics and Licensed Labortary.

Hong Mei
President & CEO

Dr. Hong Mei holds Ph.D in Petroleum Geology from Chinese University of Petroleum in 1998. Founder of the company. She worked for Shell for 15 years and Chevron for about 3.5 years. She got several company rewards from Shell and Chevron in prospect evaluation and petrophysical interpretation, . She was the cover lady in South-Daily News Paper in 2016 upon her sponship for D&I event in Houston. In recognition of her professional excellence, Dr. Mei was named Top Female Professional 2016 by Worldwide Branding. She got her Certificates with disction in Principle of Economics , Public Relationship in Medical Research, Reservoir Geomechanics etc. from Stanford University in 2019. 

VP New Business Development


Prof. Bowen Mei
Chief Geoscientist

Professor Bowen Mei is the Chief Geoscientist, co-founder in the company, who specialized in Geochemistry. He served as Deputy Director of Geochemistry lab and Director of the Center, CNPC Deputy Director of academic Committee of the key laboratory for petroleum geochemistry in 1986-1998 . Established a base geochemistry of Tarim oilfield for Jianghan Petroleum Institute (Yangtz University). During "85" and "95 year" period, he won provincial science and technology progress second prize 2, published more than 50 papers, which publishes 5 specialized translation. Undertook several national technology research project and 3 international cooperation project (China-Austria  1988--1990, and China- British 1993--1998, and China-Canada 1996--1999), introduced and established Technology including nitrogen compounds separation, and alkyl phenol separation and the color spectrum fingerprint technology and method.

Dr. Song Cao
Business Advisor

Dr. Song Cao has over 30 years of professional experiences in petroleum exploration and production (E&P) business. With a Ph. D in geology from University of South Carolina, USA, Dr. Cao has worked on many E&P projects in different regions of the world, including China, North America, Central Asia, Africa, and Middle East. Dr. Cao has been active in E&P acquisition and divestiture, E&P technical and management advisory services, oilfield equipment supply, oilfield services, and project financing. In the past 15 years, Dr. Cao and his team have screened and evaluated over 300 worldwide E&P projects (prospects, fields, and blocks). With increasing demand of Chinese investors, Dr. Cao and his team are now primarily focused on the oilfield asset acquisition and management in USA for their Chinese investors.



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