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Best AE&E Innovative 4G Integrated Exploration

Dear Friends/Colleagues,

It is my great honor and pleasure to share with you the innovative 4G Exploration method created by AE&E Inc. CEO Dr.Harry Mei . The 4G Exploration is the integration of Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Geomicrobiology.

Generally speaking, wildcat well drilling success rate in exploration stage is around 35-40%. With application of 4G Exploration, the successful rate of Post-Survey Drilling can be reached as high as 86-89%. It has been successfully applied to over 100 projects for our customers. The success rate of predicting Dry/water well is 86% (in non-anormaly zone) and predicting Oil&Gas wells is 89% (in Microbial anormaly zone) so far. Believing that our good long-term relationship and win-win cooperation will lead to more successes with great blessings.

4G Exploraiton is applicable onshore in most terrains and offshore in swamps, shallow water and deep water situation. There are five key applications at this stage.

1) Pre-license bidding:

  1. Conduct 4G evaluation on source/charge/seal

  2. Be wise and competitive using 4G tools vs. 2G by all others

2) Exploration:

  1. High-grade leads and prospects on basis of likely hydrocarbon charge

  2. Predict geochemical properties of reservoir (oil,gas or condensate)

  3. Identify charged stratigraphic/subtle traps

  4. Optimize drilling locations

3) Frontier:

  1. Conduct microseepage survey (GMHD and GCHD) in a fast and cost effective way

  2. Validate petroleum system

  3. Identify hydrocarbon accumulation and predict its properties (oil, gas, or condensate)

  4. Optimize a seismic program to hydrocarbon prone areas

4) Field development:

  1. Delineate areal extent of producing fields

  2. Identify by-passed pay and in-fill drilling opportunity

  3. Monitor hydrocarbon drainage due to production in producing field or waterfloods

5) Tight gas/shale Gas/tight oil development:

  1. Identify "sweet spots"

  2. Predict hydrocarbon composition

  3. Discriminate between productive and non-productive fractured zones

  4. Monitor hydrocarbon drainage from the fractured zones

  5. Identify areas with by-passed hydrocarbon potential

From 2G to 4G, Drill less well and Drill better well......

"4G Exploration, Goal Zero Dry Hole......"

Please feel free to contact us via phone:

001-713-397-8588 (Houston) or 8610-64411688 (Beijing) or Email:

Best Regards and Have a great day, :-)

Hong Mei Ph.D

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