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Improve Health By Exercises

It is important to improve your health situation, especially in a pandemic. Today we would like to introduce simple Aerobics for seniors by a Taiwan doctor. We hope the video can help our seniors do exercises regularly and strengthen the immunization system.

Key Steps

There are 9-10 steps to follow in the video

  • Joint Movements

  1. Lift arms from the front (10 times)

  2. Lift arms from the sides (10 times)

  • Stretching Exercises

  1. Cross hands and lift from the front and stay for 3 seconds when lifting above the head (10 times)

  2. Stretch sideways and stay 3 seconds when stretching to the maximum (10 times/each side)

  • Body Movements

  1. Lift leg straight and hook foot to stretch, stay for 30 seconds (10 times/each leg)

  2. Stand up, Sit down and Lean back (10 times)

  • Muscle Strength Training

  1. Stand with knees bent and raised legs ( 10 times/each leg)

  2. Stand on tiptoe for 30 seconds/time (10 times)

  • Balance Training

  1. A walk-in place for two minutes

  2. Hold the wall and walk forward (2 minutes)

For those who can't access the Youtube videos, please use the above-shortened video to watch. The original Youtube channel is shown below. Copyright belongs to the original author - Department of Family Medicine, China Medical University in Taiwan.

Hope you enjoy the exercise! Stay safe and stay healthy.

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