Autumn Begins Today

This is the beginning of beautiful Autumn, in which Golden trees, red maple leaves, harvest fruits and crops, pretty sunshine, mid Autumn sceneries can be seen. (08-07-2018)

 Autumn: Fruitful Season. Brief Introduction: Beginning of Autumn, an ordinary seasonal dividion point, is the turning point from hot weather to coldness.

 Autumn begins, Chinese palm tree (Wutong) shed the leaves,a slang " Wutong leaves know the autumn and grain ripe rice". Autumn is a harvest season with weather changing from hot to cold and then change to chilly. So keep warm are good for health.  

Healthy Foods: Autumn begins, Egg Plant, Green Bean, Pear, Green Tea, Melons, Peanut, Lotus Roots&Seed are nutritious foods to keep healthy in the season. 

Faith and Peace: From God’s word

Hope you enjoy, Autumn Greetings . Stay warm and healthy!

One Apple One Day

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