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Health and Scientific Analysis Update of Covid-19

Updated: May 11, 2020

The first week of May opens the beginning of initial summer. We hope the warm temperature will help reduce the Covid-19's life time in air. By today, there are over 4 million confirmed cases globally, total deaths reach high 279,313 in the world. The number of confirmed cases in US are still increasing by about 25,000 per day over the last week. Up to now, there are over 1.3 million total confirmed cases and 78,794 deaths in US. Especially when the states are reopening, we pray that people will follow the guidelines of each governor and CDC's guide to take care of themselves well.

Good news is that some countries have clear decline of confirmed cases now. As it is the joint efforts of all people globally, we hope magic power can take place in US. Last week, we appreciate the air force performance in Houston assigned by US leadership. We will keep our President Trump, White House leaders, Governors, CDC leaders, medical doctors, healthcare workers in our prayer. May GOD bless and help US have a Great JOINT Efforts to overcome the pandemic.

We are honored an d blessed to update our analysis of Covid-19 to share, hopefully more people's life will be saved. From above 6 countries comparison, we see New Zealand has very good control, the daily confirmed cases dropped to almost zero, Korea, Austria, Norway, Germany are all in decline trends. The number of confirmed cases in US declines slowly. Let's look at the newly confirmed cases in US over the last week, the data source from US CDC official site

New York and Illinois have most newly infected cases. The weekly increase of confirmed cases in New York is 25,604. The weekly increase of confirmed cases in Illinois is 20,842. The next are New Jersey, California and Massachusetts which have weekly increase of over 10,000. We can see TX has 8522 confirmed cases after opening on May 1st. For the safety and health concern, It is better to use CDC Covid-data tracker as guide for travel or work when the states are reopening in the coming weeks.

We add the latest data of May 9th, 2020 to above chart. We can see the CFR of all countries are increasing to some extends from May 3rd. Among four countries, New Zealand has good control, the number confirmed cases over the last week is only 5, CFR rises up to 1.41% from 1.34% on May 3rd; Korea has 6 newly confirmed case over last week with CFR rises up to 2.36% from 2.32% last week; Germany has 5379 newly confirmed cases, CFR increased to 4.4% from 4.13%; US has over 151,000 new confirmed cases over last week, CFR increased to 6.01% from 5.86% on May 3rd.

Over the last week in the pandemic, the US confirmed cases are increasing, the CFR are increasing too. New York has the highest confirmed cases, while Michigan, Connecticut and New York have highest CFR. We put US people in those states with significant suffering in our prayer. May GOD' mercy comfort those who lost their family members, heal those who needs healing. We put our leadership in our prayer, May GOD bless US president, governors with humble heart, wisdom to make optimal policy and make right moves for the country and for the sake of people.

According to the New York Health's published data on April 14, 2020, most (47.7%) people in NY died from Covid-19 are among seniors over 75 yrs. old . And the proportion of death without underlying condition or unknown condition is 24.7%. It is shown from the above right chart:

  • risk of deaths from Covid-19 is increasing by age increasing and patients' illness.

  • Kids under 17 have lowest risk of death; Young people between 18-44 without underlying condition only take up 1% death.

  • Health condition and Self immunity are very important for people to fight Covid-19.

The source data can be seen via link New York City Health and worldometers. which also indicate that deaths proportion of Man (61.8%) are higher than Women (38.2%)

HSE Learnings & Recommendation

As the pandemic worldwide is unprecedented, we appreciated our President, CDC friends and states leadership who have made great efforts to provide medical equipments, money and medical ships in emergency to help and comfort people. In view of US situation, it is very challenging to trace the Covid-19 infection like other countries, which were proved to be effective way to stop the spread. We humbly put all the challenges and US economy into God's hand. We pray that all Americans will be saved and economy will go up. We know we are too small, but we are trying to share what we have learned by far with all our hearts to help our fellow country men & women in the fight. We know in man is impossible, we believe in God anything is possible. We humbly put forward few recommendations, hope they will please LORD to give US great favor.

* Strong Leadership, CDC and Public Joint Efforts in Pandemic

It is reported that New Zealand with currently low infection and CFR considers open their economy after 90% of Covid-19 patients recovered shown as above. The people in the country comply with the government policy. Public peple well know that it is everyone's responsibility to take care of themselves and care about others. One of New Zealand leader appologized in public for he didn't comply with their CDC health policy, which build up good example for people to follow the leadership.

As the Covid-19 is contagious, dangerous and invisible, we need to be very cautious to handle all things like we did in the past although we have very good environment condition. As Covid-19 would not care how high position you are, how rich you are, how smart and clever you are, you will be contracted with Covid-19 if you didn't take it seriously. We need to trust all CDC experts and honor their expertise to set the guidelines for the good and for the public health, so we need to obey CDC healthy rules like wearing masks, wash hands frequently, keep social distance etc. If one of us didn't obey, you might be captured by Covid-19 without any symptom, but you will be its carrier to infect others. From above analysis we can see 71% deaths are seniors over 65 years old. They can be easily infected and got the highest risk of death.

Seven Fears of Covid-19

Briefly, Let's look at the weakness of Covid-19, maybe you can find the potential solutions suitable for you and your family.

Protective Measures in daily life

In view of the above fears of Covid-19, we humbly put forward with our health recommendations from our learnings and practice for your reference. Hope they are helpful to you and your family. You are also welcome to email us your best practise via, with title " Health Practice to cope with Covid-19", we will publish it with your name in our next HSE Blog Poster.

Prevention of COVID-19 when returning to work

We are honored and blessed to share the video from CHP, department of Health, HPKSARG to address Prevention of Covid-19 in the Workplace.

* Encourage the Young Men to be Self-Controled (Titus 3:4)

"In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that can not be condemned. -Titus 2:7-8

Young people are the promising future of our country. In the pandemic, it is good time to encourage them reduce the social meetings in public area, enjoy family time at home or meeting online. It is reported by Dr.Wenhong Zhang of CDC in Shanghai that the best medicine for Covid-19 is sleeping more, drinking more water, drinking more milk, eating more eggs, less social going out.

As young people are energetic, who have relatively low death risk of Covid-19, they can be easily Covid-19 carriers without any notice, however they might bring the virus to home to lead to sickness of their parents and grandparents etc.

* Rejoice

Thank and praise Lord for Mother's Day today. A cheerful heart is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22) May God bless all Moms around the world have a happy, healthy and peaceful day. May God heal those who are in sick right now, enjoy more Nutritious Food, think of His Loving Kindness. May God's loving words enlighten our hearts.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

~ 1 Corinthians 13:13

So much for today and Thank you for reading, watching and sharing. We will keep praying, update analysis and provide you with our best HSE recommendations. Stay safe and healthy. See you next time.

Photo: Denny, Pinkmei

Verses: Bible Verse

Data Sources: Johns Hopkins University, US CDC, New York City Health, WorldMeters

Scientific Analysis by AE&E 7G Inc.

Editor: Dr.Hong Mei

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