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Health & Science Analysis : Protection From Covid-19

Updated: May 19, 2020

Up to today, Covid-19 has spread over 188 countries on earth. There are more than 4.66 million people have been confirmed to be contracted with Covid-19, totally 312,381 deaths. It is reported recently via msn that some patients are still suffering from side-effects of virus treatments after surviving. As more states are re-opening soon, we humbly recommend that It is more important to prevent infection and protect ourselves from Covid-19 every day than treatments even in the tough situation of pandemic.


Scientific Analysis

We are honored and blessed to continue the scientific analysis of Covid-19 data sourced from John Hopkins University and update you with our analysis and recommendations. May GOD's wisdom lead us and God's love bless us to provide pure analysis to help health experts, leaders make right decision. May more people's life will be saved.

Though the number of Covid-19 infections on earth is increasing, we can see God's light at the pandemic from our analysis. This is the 3rd week of May, the average CFR globally is declining consistently from 7.17% on May 1st to 6.8% today. Thank and praise LORD for His mercy and positive encouragement.

In view of the daily confirmed cases analysis of Covid-19 among our selected 6 countries, we can see New Zealand, Germany, Norway have good decline trend over the last week. Korea and Austria have reversely increase in confirmed infections, so we need to be cautious about the potential 2nd wave. US has slow decline trend generally.

Today, we focus on our country USA. May God's unity kingdom come and His mercy and favor to help those who suffered most from Covid-19. We add the history chart of daily confirmed cases of each state in US, in which top 8 states with most Covid-19 confirmed cases are highlighted. We can see the weekly increase of confirmed cases in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts confirmed cases are generally less than last week from the week of May 2nd. Illinois has slightly decreased, while the weekly increase of confirmed cases in California and Texas last week are higher than their first week of May.

Though the global average CFR is decreasing, the CFR in some US states are still increasing such as Connecticut, Michagan, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, of which CFR has risen by 0.2-0.3% comparing to the first week of May.


Health Recommendation

  • Prevention and Protection is very important especially when states are reopening

  • Follow CDC Guideline when go to public place or go back to work, avoid gatherings physically

  • Wear Masks in public area, Clean hands well and frequently

  • Take healthy and Nutritious Food daily

  • Drink more water, Take Sun Bask daily

  • Exercise at home daily and social online to connect with friends

  • Sleep well and do good things for family and others

  • Pray and Keep simple life style

  • Rejoice and Stay Positive, Protect ourselves, Care for Others

  • More practical steps can be seen via our other Blog papers

One world, One fight. We hope you stay safe and stay healthy. May GOD Bless you and US!

Virus is invisible, dangerous and contagious, but GOD is invisible, good and loving people. We believe that GOD is helping us in His timing. "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but one what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." ~ 2 Corinthians 4:18 . We will keep analysis and share with you our latest updates, pray for US, leaders and friends.

Dear Friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health

and that all may go well with you, even as your soul

is getting along well.

~ 3 John 1:2

Thank you for your reading, action and sharing. Thank and praise LORD for listening our prayers... May GOD bless you a nice week ahead. See you next time.

Photo: Denny, Pinkmei

Verses : Holy Bible

Data Source: Johns Hopkins University, US CDC

Covid-19 Videos: US CDC; Encouraging Song by Singer: Don Moen

Science Analysis: AE&E 7G 2020

Special Thanks to Mark Winchester (US SBA) for Kind Support

Editor: Dr.Hong Mei

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