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Health & Scientific Analysis 5 of Covid-19

Time flies, it is approaching the end of May in 2020. US Memorial Day is coming next weekend, we hope people better family plan and stay healthy in the special pandemic period. According to the latest Covid-19 data of Johns Hopkins University, there are 5,370,893 confirmed cases globally by May 24th, 2020, which increased by 15.26% within one week , total Deaths number is 343,617, which increased by 10% within one week from May 17 to May 24th. Based on our analysis, we humbly repeat our recommendation: Precaution & Prevention is a crucial step even in tough pandamic.


Scientific Analysis

Thank and praise Lord. We are honored and blessed to share with you our latest science analysis on Johns Hopkins University data globally and in US. Hope the analysis can help reduce the risk and save people's life. Firstly, let's look at global situation. By far, the average global case fatality ratio has been declining to 6.49% since May 1st (7.17%). However, the confirmed case number increased by 15.26%, total Deaths rose by 10% within one week from May 17 to May 24th. Why the global confirmed cases increase last week? In which countries the incidents increased?

Taking the top 18 countries with most active confirmed cases into account, we created above weekly chart. We can see over the last week (even since the end of April), the confirmed cases of countries like Brazil, Chili, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Mexico etc. have beening increasing. Brazil has increased by 46% within one week last week. By May 24th, US has the most total confirmed cases with 1,635,192 , total number of deaths is 97,495, which indicates weekly new incidents slightly declined from the week before. The other countries newly confirmed cases are decreasing. When you plan business trip or summer vacation, it is better to check the status.

In the last week we compared 8 countries daily confirmed cases of Covid-19 including US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, South Korea and New Zealand. The daily curve of above chart illustrates the generally decline trend of each country. New Zealand's incidents have been controlled well, which gives us an optimistic sign with zero incident. The Covid-19 incidents in Norway, Netherlands, Germany are consistently decreasing, the incidents in UK and US are decreasing slowly with gentle slope. Austria and South Korea has slight increase since May 10, 2020.

Secondly, Let's look at our US situation. Last week, we looked at the history of US daily confirmed cases change. This week we will see more details in view of lockdown, regional opening and opening status. According to the newly published States Re-opening status from New York Times , we look into more details of weekly incidents change for relevant states. Hope it is helpful for leaders, CDC experts to optimize disease control and economic growth. To better analysis, we classified states in above map into five groups: US_South_Open, US_RegionalOpen, US_Middle_Open, US_North_Open and US_Lockdown.

For Partially Open and Lockdown States, we can see the weekly new confirmed cases of most states are declining except Virginia, Tennessee which have increasing trend and Illinois, California of which incidents number fluctuates. New York newly incidents decreased nicely since April. Michigan weekly new incidents are decreasing since April and slightly increase during week of May 17.

For South Open States, we can clearly the "V" shape trend. During lockdown before May 1st, the incidents number decreased consistently. After May 1st, each states have increasing trend. Hope more people be aware of Prevention of Covid-19 and follow CDC's guideline seriously during reopening.

For Middle Open States and North Open States, Covid-19 incidents are declining since May 1st except Utah, Maryland, Delware, Minnesoda, Wisconsion, Connecticut. We won't be able to show graphs here due to limited space, you can contact us via to acquire our analysis graphs.

Above charts shows that confirmed cases number vs. CFR, CFR has slightly increase last week in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey by 0.01-0.13%, slightly decrease in Michigan by 0.09%, which are better than last week. May God's mercy be with those who are suffering from Covid-19.


Public Health Recommendation

Norway has good control on Covid-19 even in cold weather. We are honored and blessed to adopt their Public Health "Disease Pyramid" Concept on left side. We propose interlocking "6P" Approach to Cope with the disease in this pandemic.

  • Pray-Prepare : Pray daily and obey health guide, Prepare nutritious foods, gloves, masks, keep distance etc.

  • Prevent : Prevent Covid-19 by following CDC guide, wear gloves, masks when going out, use Government health Zip Tracking Maps to choose travel rout, Keep health routine and good mood, Avoid crowded place.

  • Practice : Take sun bask daily for 10 mins, exercise for 30 mins, sleep well, clean house and keep air circulation, Wear gloves, masks when go shopping, go to work place, wash hands/clothes after back home, Drink Ginger Tea, Eat Vitamin C, Eat High good protein foods like milk, eggs, fish etc.

  • Protect : Protect yourself is helping others to reduce the risk of infection. If you get light-mild coldness, drink Ginger Tea, Eat Vc, Zinc, Quarantine yourself from family members. Call family doctors or consult with free online Doctors' hotline if no insurance or under unemployment status, Monitor your own health situation and use Apple apps to check daily. Go directly to hospital if you suffer from breath problem after walking for 100 m and get a Ventilator asap.

  • Peace : Stay peace, pray, practice, sleep well, love your body and let God strengthern your self immunity to prevent Covid-19. Don't be panic. Believing God is much powerful than Covid-19, Hope everything will get well...


Thank and praise Lord for His guide on our analysis to help people. A beautiful song to share with you in pandemic. May God's miracle happen and heal all people need healing.

Thank you for reading, action and sharing. You are welcome to email us by with Subject: "Health & Science Analysis of Covid-19" if you have any comments or need our analysis results or want to support us. We will keep praying for leaders, CDC, medical frontline heros, you and continue analysis, see you next time.

Stay safe, Keep 6P, Stay healthy! May God bless you and your family have a healthy and peaceful time in the special time.

Graph: Denny, Pinkmei

Verses: Holy Bible

Data Source: Johns Hopkins University, US CDC, New York Time

Special Thanks: SBA Mark Winchester for kind support

Scientific Analysis by AE&E 7G Inc.

Editor: Dr.Hong Mei

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