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Health vs. Science Analysis in Pandemic of Covid-19

The year of 2020 seems to be the most challenging year for our generation to face the pandemic of Covid-19. It is reported by Johns Hopkins University that there are over 3.5 million people were confirmed to be contracted with Covid-19, about 247,473 people died from this virus by May 3rd, 2020. Up to now, US has suffered most with over 1,158,041 confirmed cases and more than 66,000 deaths in the world. May God's mercy be with those who lost their beloved ones. We will continue praying for US, our president, leaders, frontline medical doctors, healthcare workers and all Americans. May God guide and help us to overcome the Covid-1.

Following what we shared in Blogs over the last couple weeks, Today, we are honored and blessed to share what we learned from the perspective of data science view on Covid-19 (Photo by Denny, Pinkmei). Our data analysis are based on the Covid-19 data published by Johns Hopkins University. We appreciated that JHU published the data publically. We hope our latest analysis can be helpful to save more people's life.


Data Science Analysis of Covid-19

We generated the world map with total confirmed cases and Case Fatality Ratio (CFR) map with 187 countries included. Each point in above map stands for a country, the size of circle stands for the number of confirmed cases and the color stands for the CFR . US has most confirmed cases, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Netherland have higher CFR up to now. Today we mainly focus on New Zealand, South Korea, Germany and US etc. for special analysis. If you are interested in our analysis of other countries and want to support us, please email us via .

When we compared 187 countries Covid-19 situation from Feb-May, found that some countries like New Zealand, South Korea, Austria, Germany are getting better. The daily confirmed Covid-19 cases of those countries are declining well, while US situation seems to be declining very slow at this period. When some states are opening this month, not sure if the situation will be better. At least, we can learn from those countries with best control of Covid-19 and make right moves. From this chart, we can see the countries with least Confirmed Covid-19 cases and least death are New Zealand and South Korea.


From the cumulative confirmed cases and daily confirmed case comparison shown as above, we can see New Zealand has least deaths and confirmed cases. We knew that New Zealand, South Korea, Germany are opening their public places with Declining situation. In US, each bar stands for sum of daily confirmed cases colored by states. we can see the number of daily confirmed cases fluctuates. We hope it will get better if we follow guides of CDC , keep public distance, wear masks, wash hands , take Sun Bask every day, Learn the best practice from other countries and promptly optimize disease control.

Let's look at above cross plot of Confirmed Cases vs. Case Fatality Ratio that we created for our US. The color stands for CFR (ranging from green 0 to red 8%). The size of the points represents the confirmed cases number.

  • It is obvious that Michigan, Connecticut, New York have highest CFR in US. Not sure if more Oxygen ventilators from other states can be shifted for the emergency use of these three states at this time might be more helpful?

  • New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts have most confirmed cases and deaths in US

  • Different states have various medical capacity and control efficiencies. For Connecticut and Michigan, which have less infections than other states, but CFR are pretty high.

  • It is observed that if confirmed cases can be controlled less than 25000, most states can have CFR less than 3%. Otherwise, confirmed cases might be out of the local medical capacity, it might increase the life risk. Other factors such as age, personal health situation, immunity system of infected patients can also influence CFR.


Public Health Recommendations

Daily Practice: US CDC provided the multi-lingual guide for people to prevent Covid-19 and state what to do if you are sick. As Seniors have highest risk to Covid-19, CDC provides the special guide for senior people.

Nutrition: It is stated by a Chinese CDC doctor in Shanghai recently that Nutrition for Patients with mild symptoms are very important. If your family members happened to be contracted with Covid-19. As long as they can eat, it is better to serve them foods with high protein such as milk, eggs, meat, fish etc at home. Nutrition can help strengthen self-immunity system to prevent patients' situation converting to serious symptom.

Critical Time: It is important to catch the critical time before getting worse. If your friends or family members feel difficult to breathe especially after 100 meter walk. It is emergent signal. It is critical to go to Hospital right away and ask for a ventilator as soon as possible.

Timely Doctor Consultant: If you or your friends are concerned about their health situation regarding to Covid-19 at home, please call your family doctors or health care providers immediately. If you are lack of insurance or have limited medical doctor's resources at home, you can take the online free Doctor consultants 24 hrs a day, which are provided by thousands of Doctors volunteers. Thank those medical angels in the world for their loving heart to serve people remotely.

New Zealand Covid-19 Response: Today, Let's look at how New Zealand tackle the Covid-19 reported by CNN via youtube. Hope GOD's magic power will happen in US and those countries with high CFR.

Encouragement in Pandemic

Due to the global pandemic in 2020, most companies suffered significant economic loss from Covid-19, which led to unemployment for lots of people in the world, especially in petroleum industry. We share God's word today to encourage each other. May GOD Bless US!

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful;

he will not let you tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted,

he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

- 1 Corinthians 10:13

We hope you enjoy the song of Joni Earkreckson Tada 22nd Oscar Movie guide Reward - Alone Yet Not Alone

Thank and praise Lord for the encouraging words and beautiful song to open our new week. We wish you have a nice week and days to coming with peace and health.

We will update our analysis and recommendations next time. See you then. Thank you for reading, listening and sharing. Please let us know what you think. May God Bless US!

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