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New Health and Science Analysis 7 of Covid-19

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Good day, friends. Hope everything go well with you and your family. Over the first week of June, the global situation of Covid-19 is getting worse. The total confirmed incidents reached 7.2 Million globally and over 400,000 deaths on earth due to Covid-19 based on the latest data of John Hopkins University. The total number of weekly confirmed Covid-19 cases of the earth rose to a new Peak over 1st week of June. We strongly recommend people to follow US CDC prevention guide in daily work and life. We hope you are safe and healthy.

Today, we are honored and blessed to share with you the fantastic Johns Hopkins University Interactive Realtime Dashboard and our new analysis of Covid-19. So that you might be better know the situation, stay healthy and plan your vacation or travel domestic and international trip.

Best View of Covid-19 Mapping: Johns Hopkins University

You can click on the above graph to access to their mapping site. This graph illustrate the Total confirmed cases, total confirmed cases by each country, the global distribution map of Covid-19 infected cases, the number of deaths and recovered cases. They are realtime dashboard, from which you can view the whole situation daily. We would recommend to bookmark their site if you haven't done by far.


Scientific Analysis

Our analysis this week on the basis of John Hopkins University data, US CDC and European Center for Disease Prevention & Control, visual capitalists etc. include confirmed weekly cases by Continent, Confirmed weekly cases by Top Active 18 countries, global CFR Distribution and US States dashboard view.

Confirmed weekly cases by Continent

In view of the global Covid-19 situation, we classify all confirmed cases by continents as shown below this week, the weekly confirmed cases indicate the trend increasing.

From continent graph, we can see Europe's situation is getting better, North America is slowly getting better, South America and Asia increased dramatically since the week of May 3rd, Africa is increasing too. Oceania countries have minor infections with good control, of which counts are too small to be visible in the chart.

Confirmed weekly cases by Country (Top 18 Active)

We created the graph with top 18 countries with active Covid-19 confirmed cases as shown below. It is obvious the most distinctive country is Brazil.

Over last week, Brazil has highest increase rate of confirmed cases in their own record. India, Peru, Chile are increasing too. UK is decline consistently. US and Russia has slight decrease in weekly confirmed cases during the first week of June.

CFR Distribution

Thank and praise Lord for his mercy and favor, the global CFR is declining continuously while the confirmed incidents are increasing. The average CFR declined to below 6% by Jun 1st and dropped to 5.66% by Jun 10th, 2020.

US States View

US suffered most from Covid-19, by far there are more than 1.9 Million people have been confirmed to be contracted with Covid-19, and more than 110,000 people died from this invisible virus. To assist our CDC experts, leaders to make right moves to save people's life and enhance economy, we created chart here. Hope viewgraphs are helpful when make travel plan and improve the prevention & protection.

With states are opening, we divided all states by 5 groups as shown above. Group 1 and Group 4 are locked down states and regional opening states, which present decline trends except California. Group 2 Middle opening states and Group 3 North opening states, have general decline trend of weekly confirmed cases. Group 5 South opening states have significant increase in confirmed cases. In which, Arizona , North Carolina, Texas, Florida and Alabama have bigger increase in Covid-19 incidents last week.


Animation Global Variation of Covid-19


Health Recommendation

Though the life of Covid-19 is short outdoors especially summer is coming, it is still very important to keep social distance publicly, wear masks, gloves when shopping, wash hands frequently. A short CDC video to protect yourself again Coronavirus.


Bonus : What we should do to cope with Covid-19

We will keep updating our best analysis. We hope it can help save people's life. We will keep praying for US leaders, medical doctors, healthcare workers and those friends who are suffering from Covid-19. May God heal them with His unfailing love. May God's kindness and love guide us to Be Kind, Stay Safe and Stay Peace.

If you feel a little touched by our science analysis and it is helpful in your daily life, please support us. If you have other good data resources, you are welcome to add them in comment area. If you think they are helpful, please share with your friends, colleagues and those who might need. Thank you for reading. May God Bless you and your family safe, peace and healthy. See you next time.


Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8


Graphs: Denny, Pinkmei

Verses: Holy Bible

Video: FreeMedEducation, Michelle Deng

Data Sources: Johns Hopkins Univeristy, US CDC, ECDC, Visual Capitalist

Science Analysis: AE&E 7G Inc.

Acnowledgement: US SBA Mark Winchester, Dr.Jong Phillip, CDC Mr.George

Editor: Dr. Hong Mei

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