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Health and Scientific Analysis 6 of Covid-19

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

This is the beginning of June. Though the total confirmed cases of Covid-19 on earth are still increasing, we hope and pray more people will be saved if people are kind to each other and stay peace in pandemic.

We are honored and blessed to share our latest analysis on Covid-19 data of Johns Hopkins University this week. It is shown that global CFR are continue dropping down to 6.05% by Jun 1st within one month. We believe that God is helping us with His kindness and unfailing love in the challenging time.

In view of the Top 18 countries with most active cases, Brazil, India, Peru, Chile, Pakistan have increased faster than other countries over the last week of May. The weekly confirmed number of Covid-19 cases are decreasing slightly in US, Russia, UK and Canada over last week than the week of May23th.

When we look at 8 countries daily confirmed cases of Covid-19, we can see the general decline trend. New Zealand has best control with Zero confirmed cases over the last week. Norway, Netherland, Germany, UK has decline trend with different extends, US is declining too with gentle slope. Austria and Korea are fluctuating.


Let's look at domestic situation. When we created the cross plot of Confirmed Cases vs. CFR in US as below graph, we can see the confirmed cases of top 6 states with high case fatality ratio (CFR) are increasing. The CFR of 5 states (Michigan, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts) are increasing by 0.05-0.2% comparing with the week of May 23, the CFR in New York decreased by 0.03% from the week before.

The other states CFR information are shown in US Map. And weekly change of all states in different region have been illustrated in the the graphs around the map. we can see that weekly confirmed cases of 4 regions are declining, while the weekly confirmed cases of states in south region are increasing over the last week. North Carolina has the biggest weekly increase last week by 26.6%, the confirmed cases of California increased by 17.7%, and Georgia increased by 12.5% last week. We need to follow the CDC guide especially when we are in the states of South region.


As New Zealand has Zero newly confirmed cases, let's see what we can humble ourselves and learn from them. New Zealand Strategy Beating Covid-19: BE KIND AND STAY CALM (BBC news on Jun 1st)

May God's mercy and favor be with us especially those who lost their beloved ones. May the world treat you with kindness and peace.


Music of this week: Amazing Grace

We will keep praying for our friends, leaders and communities in US. We will continue the analysis. Hope they are helpful for you, your business organization and your family.

See you next time. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy, Be Kind and Be Peaceful. Thank you for reading, sharing and action. May God Bless You and US.

Graphs: Denny, Pinkmei

Verses: Holy Bible

Data Source: Johns Hopkins University, US CDC guide

Acknowledgement: SBA Mark Winchester

Scientific Analysis by Advanced Energy and Environmental Company 7G Inc.

Editor: Dr.Hong Mei

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