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Public Health and Scientific Update 9 of Covid-19

Time flies, it is approaching the end of June. The severance of Covid-19 is increasing. It is reported by Johns Hopkins University resource center, the total global confirmed infection cases rose up to 9,949,767 , total deaths rose up to 498,135 by today. US has the most confirmed cases over 2.5 Million and deaths over 125,500. May God's mercy and love be with us, especially for those who lost their beloved ones. We hope you stay safe, stay health in the challenging time.

We are honored and blessed to share with you our analysis, which we hope it can help people enhance the awareness and prevention procedure. The top active 18 countries weekly case increase view can be seen as below.

Over the last week, Brazil, India, US, Bangladesh, Turkey has higher weekly confirmed cases increase than the week before. The other countries like Russia, UK, Peru, Parkistan etc. weekly confirmed cases declined in different extends.

The confirmed cases vs. days since 100th confirmed cases of 188 countries are shown as above. Oceania countries have good control with limited cases, European countries confirmed cases are decreasing over the last couple of weeks, the infection cases in North America, South America, Asia, Africa countries are still increasing.

The global CFR is declining to 5.05% by this weekend, which we saw the God's love and favor while we are waiting for vaccine... Hope it will drop to 1.87% in 3 months time.


On the basis of Johns Hopkins University data, some collections of European CDC data, US CDC and Virtual Capital data, we carried out our big data analysis. Though lots of data QC and some interpolation efforts have been made, please be aware that our results can only show the approximate trends and present our best estimation, and we can't guarantee its 100% accuracy. So please keep this as your public health reference.

Above the daily confirmed cases of each states in US with active cases higher than 50K. It is clear that over the last week , the Covid-19 infection cases are increasing dramatically reach another high peak on Jun-27th, 2020 since first high in April.

Southern states have increased significantly last week, in which Florida, Arizona, Texas have the abrupt increases in confirmed cases. The Middle states such as Ohio, Utah, Regional open states like California etc. also increased a lot.

Good news is that CFR of most states are decreasing except New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut. We hope everyone can survive from Covid-19 with following proper prevention procedure.

As we got the City Covid-19 LEVEL 1 Severe Alert yesterday, we share our view on county basis view graph history via above video. Two states: Texas and Florida are taken as example this time. It is illustrated that the case curves of some counties in Texas such as Harris, Hidalgo, Hays, Lubbock etc. and some counties in Florida like Brevard, Duval, Hillsborough, Lee and Orange etc. tilt up at the last 7 days, which are parallel with double cases per 10 days. So please be aware the severance of the situation and take best prevention action. You are welcome to read paper as your reference.


Thank and praise Lord for His love and favor. We are honored and blessed to share with you about our analysis periodically. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestion. If God permits, we will continue our analysis and pray for US leaders, all medical friends, CDC experts, our brothers and sisters, colleagues and friends. May God Bless you and US with health and peace!

So much for today. We are honored to share Bill Gates's recent talk in CNN with you. Thank you for reading and corporation. See you next time...

The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.

- Psalm 29:11

Graphs: Denny, Pinkmei, Michelle

Verses: Holy Bible

Data Source: Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, US CDC, ECDC, Virtual Capital

Acknowledgements: Mark Winchester (SBA), Rich Sears (Stanford), Phillip Jong (Shell), Mr.George (US CDC)

Scientific Analysis: AE&E 7G

Editor: Dr.Hong Mei

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